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Department of Business and Economics

Research Focuses

The research topics of the chair include areas of applied microeconomics and international macroeconomics.

In applied microeconomics, Prof. Hellmanzik is particularly concerned with peer effects, the role of migration and location decisions, and conducive factors for the production of creative and scientific output.

In international macroeconomics, Prof. Hellmanzik's research focuses on the role of the Internet for international trade in services and goods, digital music formats and streaming services, and international capital flows.


Applied Microeconomics

Moderne Künstler und Auktionen
  • Peer Effects
  • Travel as inspirational source
  • Political situation
  • Exhibitions
  • Education
  • Model Averaging
Wissenschaftler und Philosophen
  • Career Paths
  • Agglomeration
  • Peer effect

The digital economy and ICT firms

International Trade

Trade in cultural goods and services
  • Trade in cultural goods and services

  • Audiovisual media
  • Arts Trade and demographic change


Political preferences and international trade
Measure of virtual proximity
  • Audiovisual media
  • Services
  • Goods
  • Financial Assets