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Department of Business and Economics

Publications of Professorship

We would like to give an overview of selected published articles that we have created. Further publications by the individual employees can be found in the respective web profiles on the team pages.

Publications in Academic Journals

Publications in Books


  • Taking gravity online: the role of virtual proximity in international financeECB Working Paper No. 1879, with Martin Schmitz. Coverage on
  • Creative production and peer effects: evidence from the exodus of superstar painters from Paris, submitted.
  • “Demography and the Art Market” joint with James Goodwin, submitted.
  • “The gravity of economics – migration and citation ows in Economics” joint with Lukas Kuld, work in progress.
  • “Peer effects in Economics” joint with Lukas Kuld, work in progress.
  • “Trade in services and its determinants – a disaggregated approach” joint with Martin Schmitz, work in progress.
  • “On the estimation of age-valuation proles” joint with Douglas Hodgson and John Galbraith, work in progress.
  • “The impact of the internet on the international art market”, work in progress.