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Department of Business and Economics


  Econ-Master SP-Master
Module: URI I Modul 3
Semster: Summer Term Summer Term
Credits: 4 SWS / 7,5 Credits 2 SWS / 4 Credits
Event type: Seminar Seminar
Assessment: Term paper Term paper
Sprache: English English
Application: Online Application Online Application
Start: 12th of  April 2023 12th of April 2023
Date / Location: Wed 12.15-13.45 / M811 Wed 12.15-13.45 / M811
Lecturer: Maren Kaliske Maren Kaliske

Content Overview

In this course we are going to define and analyse various aspects of globalisation. In doing so, the students can largely decide which dimensions they find most topical at the moment. Ultimately, we want to carry out an empirical project in student groups on a topic to be chosen by the students.

Potential areas of interest could be:

  • Global migration flows and reasons for migration
  • De-industrialisation in the Western economies and the rise of the Asian tigers 
  • International capital flows and their role for growth and development 
  • The role of cities and regions in a globally acting economy 
  • Political aspects of economic development
  • What does globalisation mean for labour markets? 
  • Why are some countries still so poor? 
  • Anything which you find of interest in this context

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