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Department of Business and Economics

Introduction to Economics

Module:  Modul 7
Semester: Winter Term
Credits: 4 SWS / 4 Credits
Event type: Lecture
Language: German / English
Date and Location: Online/Moodle
Start: 11.10.2023
Prüfung: Exam
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christiane Hellmanzik

Content Overview

Within the framework of the teaching module 'Microeconomics: Markets and Actors in Space' and Macroeconomics: Macroeconomic Influences on Space, central contents for the understanding of economic interrelationships are dealt with. In the course, basic economic theories and the economic behavior of suppliers and demanders will be taught. In addition, it will be shown how markets basically function, but can also fail. Furthermore, the course introduces important macroeconomic fields of action (growth, employment, stable prices) and gives an insight into the tendencies and causes of economic structural change.
Course contents:

  1.     Basic questions and concepts of economics
  2.     Individual economic basics
    1.         The demand for goods and its determinants
    2.         The supply of goods and its determinants
    3.         The market and its operation
    4.         Limits of control by the market
  3.     Macroeconomic basics
    1.         National accounts
    2.         Macroeconomic fields of action I: Growth and employment
    3.         Macroeconomic Fields of Action II: Money and Inflation
Selected literature:

    Mankiw, N. Gregory; Taylor, Mark P. (2008): Grundzüge der Volkswirtschaftslehre (4th ed.). Schäffer-Pöschel: Stuttgart.


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